Board of Directors


I am originally from Tokat in the northern part of Turkey but have been living in Munich, Germany since I was 12 years old.
I have two children. I am an accountant as a profession and I am currently working in our own business. Turkey is my home, where my roots are and Germany is the country where I feel at home. happy to make a meaningful contribution to peaceful coexistence with different people, and I am convinced that we can only achieve this goal together, hand in hand. See more…

Mehmet Bahadır KIRDAN

I am the vice president of the association responsible for youth and social media. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Ozyegin University, Istanbul, and a master’s degree in Informatics from the Technical University of Munich. I am in this association in order to strengthen the bond between Turkish and German societies. Furthermore, I also want to organize activities together with young people by meeting the needs of not only these two societies but also all of them.


The reason, the thought, and the motivation that moved me to be a part of this association is the original wish of all people; that, all of us, all of humanity, one day live a life in which peace, awareness, and love are the priorities. 
One of the most difficult challenges facing humanity. It will probably take a few more generations.  But I am convinced that we will make it, step by step, one day. See more…

Özlem Behire TEMEL

I am a board member of the German-Turkish Friendship Association – Munich. I am looking forward to being a part of our association and fulfilling the tasks that I will actively take on in our future work with women. I invite all of my kind friends to participate in these activities.

Sebile MEIER

I am a board member and work in public relations in the German-Turkish Friendship Association – Munich. I am proud to announce our association to the public at the events we are organising and to help strengthen Turkish-German friendship.
I invite people with a good heart, who want to experience this happiness of the work of our association and I am convinced that we will do good work together.


A cultural exchange between different nations,
is one of the elementary units for an understanding, peaceful future. The diversity of this association offers opportunities for everyone to make a contribution to it and it is important to me to support this. 


I am married and father of two children. I am self-employed and live in Munich. As a Turkish citizen living in Germany, I want to help, avoiding prejudice. In a world where we all live together, no social differences should be made between religions, languages, and origins. I want to walk this path hand in hand with the youth.

Andreas ZISS

I am very happy to be part of it and to support the promotion of international understanding and education, through our various projects.

Kadriye Doğan SEVSAL

I was born in Adapazarı / Turkey. I am married and have two children. As part of the 2nd generation of Turkish origin, I came to Munich as a young person and began at the primary school in Munich not only to learn the German language but also to cope with the difficulties of mastering the school material (which was then held in German). See more…


I was born in Germany in 1985 as the third generation and grew up in Munich. I am working as a human resources officer. I am a mother of 2 children and I was luckier than the first and second generations since I did not experience difficulties like them. Therefore, my school life was very successful. My goal in this association is to help children of foreign families who live in Germany as much as I can. See more…