Ethical Values

The association is politically and religiously neutral. That means: the political, as well as religious views of everyone, are accepted and tolerated as long as they do not influence processes of the association or its resolutions and goals. Racism and violence in any form are consistently rejected. Attentiveness, acceptance, recognition, loyalty, equality, comprehension, helpfulness, personal responsibility, tolerance, and honesty are the cornerstones of the ethical values of this association.

Purposes of the association

  • Promoting international understanding and education
  • Contributing peaceful coexistence among people of different cultures and beliefs
  • Defending universal human rights against gender, religious, recial,or language discrimination
  • Supporting environmental actions

Our Focuses


Together with environmental associations and organizations, we would like to make our contribution to saving our planet by organizing recycling workshops. We want also to take part in afforestation and other environmental actions.
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girls on desk looking at notebook

Through our intercultural exchange, we promote broader knowledge and understanding of the world much better.
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Through all of our events, we have the opportunity to know different cultures and to understand each other better.
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We would like to support cultural exchange through various creative workshops and exhibitions with various artists from different cultures. See our events…

Youth Group

One of our other main motivations is to bring young people from different cultures together by organizing different kinds of activities like cinema, theater, and concerts. See our events…

Women’s Group

Our women’s group is committed to various women’s issues.
From Mother’s Day campaigns and International Women’s Day to Turkish – German language courses, our aim is to bring women from different cultures together and to organize common charity campaigns. See our events…