I am originally from Tokat in the northern part of Turkey but have been living in Munich, Germany since I was 12 years old.

I have two children. I am an accountant as a profession and I am currently working in our own business.

Turkey is my home, where my roots are and Germany is the country where I feel at home.

It makes me very happy to make a meaningful contribution to peaceful coexistence with different people, and I am convinced that we can only achieve this goal together, hand in hand.

Combining universal languages like music, literature, sport, and art with education enables us to communicate better with each other. It also brings young people together.

Cultural diversity is a fortune that has a great influence on the social, ethical, and of course also on the cultural level of our society. Encountering, understanding and positively promoting different cultures contribute to mutual tolerance and understanding.

I truly believe that our socially and environmentally oriented association can make a great contribution to the topic regarding peaceful live.