Hello everyone,

The reason, the thought, and the motivation that moved me to be a part of this association is the original wish of all people; that, all of us, all of humanity, one day live a life in which peace, awareness, and love are the priorities. 

One of the most difficult challenges facing humanity. It will probably take a few more generations.  But I am convinced that we will make it, step by step, one day. 

The key and the challenge is “together”. Only together we can achieve this goal. Every step in this direction, no matter how small or big, contributes to this.

Mostly, you don’t have to look for opportunities to move something in this direction. Life makes them available to you and it’s up to you on which “train” you want to go.

When the association’s “train” stopped at my station, I boarded. It is an honor for me to be part of this association, as the social and environmental issues are the main motivations. 
We leave politics and religion outside in order to emphasize, among other things, that we put people first. 

The challenges of “together” are always present.

Be it within the club or the movements and actions to the outside.  

To have the opportunity to put the theories into practice, bring experiences to life. Provides nutrients for new thoughts and ideas and prevents a “standstill” of theoretical thoughts.